The Glass Shade

Some projects require the design and manufacture of a completely unique form as an alternative to our product range. There are limitations to shade size when working with blown glass, but this is generally the only restriction to what is possible. The largest diameter for a spherical form is 250-270mm diameter, and an open spun form is 400mm. For this service we require a minimum order of 10 units. Due to the additional design process and depending on the complexity of the light, further fees may apply.

The Cord Set

Using our extensive knowledge of the lighting industry, all components for the electrical cordsets can be sourced and assembled by Rothschild & Bickers. Using the large range of parts available, there are infinite possibilities for different structures and finishes. A simple shape can be ornately embellished for a more traditional style or have minimal clean lines for a modern twist.

A large drop light being blown
Technical sketch of bespoke lighting drops for Black Sheep and Whyte & Brown
Bespoke glass light 'drops' over a bar in Whyte & Brown, restaurant
Technical drawings of bespoke light pendant for Plum + Spilt Milk at The Great Northern Hotel
Bespoke glass lighting for Great Northern Hotel by Rothschild & Bicker
Great Northern Hotel for Yoo — Image by Keith Collie
A selection of various metal parts in a range of metal finishes