Multiple Suspension Points

Some projects move away from the more traditional chandelier structure and use glass and metal elements to create an illuminated feature. Eliminating the restraints of pendant lighting or larger metal frames allows us to be more flexible and sculptural in both form and type of glass used. Often these designs are used when there is no one defined point as a light source. By suspending multiple elements on individual points it is possible to create a cluster or structure that can be illuminated by multiple light sources over a large area.

Design & Manufacture

From initial concepts, we will work to your brief creating 3D CAD visualisations to produce specifications for simple construction and economic shipping. All of our options, such as glass colours and metal finishes, are available and typically samples are provided. There is a wide variety in the options, prices and timescales involved in any project of this scope. Detailed installation instructions accompany all projects to ensure your contractor has an easy job on-site.

Overview sketch of a bespoke chandelier
Overview of a sculptural chandelier for Ted Baker, Las Vegas
Drawing with annotations of a ceiling template
Ceiling template with labels
Graphic instructions for installing a suspension point
Step 1: Fixing suspension point to ceiling
The dressing rooms in Ted Baker Dubai with bespoke glass branches with chromed glass colour effect
Glass 'branches' in Ted Baker, Dubai
Instructional drawing showing parts of a chandelier
Instructional drawing of a chandelier made up of clusters of glass balls
3D sketch visual of chandelier made of champagne glasses
Chandelier made of tiers of champagne glasses
Ted Baker, Yas Mall
Ted Baker shop front showing bespoke ceiling features
Ted Baker, Las Vegas
Ceiling features in a Ted Baker shop