The Space

When working in an area with restricted access, such as a stairwell there are a number of considerations to look (especially with multiple drops). We design for installation as well as for access when cleaning and for maintenance. All aspects of the project are considered including choice of bulbs and aesthetic finishes. The plates come pre-wired for connection to a single electrical feed and come with a full instruction manual for installation. Prices are dependent on the complexity of your design.


Using dimensioned site drawings provided by the client, 3D CAD visuals are created to work out the size, formation and drop heights of the lights. The sketch allows the client to understand how the light feature will appear from all aspects such as stair and landing views on all floors. This is included in the cost of the plate and allows for a simple installation when on site. 

3D CAD visual of large stairwell chandelier
3D CAD visual of lights hanging in a curved stairwell
Technical drawing of bespoke ceiling plate
3D CAD visual looking up a stairway at a bespoke chandelier
Looking up through a curved staircase at a bespoke chandelier
Kingshall Estates – Image by Adlina Iliev
side view of chandelier in centre of curved staircase
Kingshall Estates – Image by Adlina Iliev
view from below twelve lights hanging from a bespoke ceiling plate
technical drawing of bespoke chandelier hanging from a plate
Technical drawing of bespoke ceiling plate
Looking up at five colourful lights hanging in a stairwell

3D CAD drawings with dimensions of lighting hanging down a stairwell
Contemporary office with feature chandelier and green colour palette
Cheshire Office design by Horton & co.
Images by Craig Magee Photography
Colourful chandeliers in a London home
Looking up at a colourful seven-drop bespoke chandlier