Five lights hanging from a rectangular ceiling plate with detail

Two Groups of Pick-n-Mix

22nd April 2014

Spread of lighting in The Evening Standard

Design Trends in The Standard

28th March 2014

sketch and final result of hanging lights

Round Pendants Hanging From Ceiling Bars

4th March 2014

Flora wall lights with nickel metalwork

Flora Wall Lights

21st January 2014

Our December 2013 Open Day

14th January 2014

Computer rendering of Pick-n-Mix Lights in denim blue

Rendered Pick-n-Mix

26th November 2013

a shelf full of handmade blown glass baubles

Steffan’s glass baubles

15th November 2013

four thumbnails of workshop timelapse

A busy morning in the hot workshop

15th November 2013

shaping a punty pad


6th November 2013

Mark & Steffan blowing glass

Annual Open Studio 2013

25th October 2013

glass fish being made

Fish & River Weeds

25th October 2013

Retro Lights at The Wood Norton

Retro Lights at The Wood Norton

24th October 2013