Three and Five Arm Chandeliers

These are ideal for when you are restricted to a single point such as on a traditional plaster rose or a fixed point within a lantern roof. The 98mm D bracket with three side fix screws holds the main frame section and you can mix and match a selection of pendants. We can provide a 3D sketch to work out the design and drop heights. As standard we suggest leaving 2200mm clearance, this can be lower over a table. Using our full range of metal components we can design an infinite range of metal framed chandeliers, from more traditional swan arm structures, to simple and contemporary branch style compositions.

Multiple Drop Ceiling Rose

These ceiling roses allow you to suspend from two to six pendants from a single electrical point, swagging out to hooks so you can create a cluster effect. We can supply extra flex length and all the fixings to make this a simple installation. The 100mm D rose comes with a back bracket and side fix front. They are available in all our metal finishes. We can help to provide a 3D sketch, working on the design layout and drop heights for your interior.
3 arm chandelier, single point multiple drop, Rothschild & Bickers
3D sketch of 3 arm chandelier
3 arm chandelier by Rothschild & Bickers
Private residence
Three arm metal frame chandelier with Flora Pendants by Rothschild & Bickers
Multiple drop swag single point fix, Rothschild & Bickers
Multi drop swag, Rothschild & Bickers
Motel One swag, Rothschild & Bickers
Sketch for Motel One