Flora chandeliers for Brompton Road

8th August 2012

More leaves!!!!

23rd July 2012

Lantern Lights by Rothschild & Bickers as used by Moregeous on Half Built House

Lantern Lights on Channel 5

17th July 2012

Jelly / Jello mould chandelier by Rothschild & Bickers for Ted Baker 5th Avenue

New York Jelly

15th July 2012

Rothschild & Bickers go to the bottle bank

2nd July 2012

Bubble Lights by Rothschild & Bickers for The Manser Practice

Bubble Lights at Wembley Hilton

2nd July 2012

Bespoke glasswork by Rothschild & Bickers at Ted Baker's Brompton Road store

Ted Baker Brompton Road

14th June 2012

Dabbous restaurant in London featuring Tiered Lights by Rothschild & Bickers

Dabbous uses Tiered Lights

8th June 2012

Super size my Retro!

5th May 2012

Rothschild & Bickers at Cinnamon Soho

12th April 2012

Glass meat ?

1st April 2012

The New Artisans (book), by Olivier Dupon

The New Artisans (2011)

17th February 2012