Ted Baker, London

Ted Baker, Regent Street store in London

The Regent Street store is literally the jewel in crown of Ted Baker, a palatial space set in the heart of London. The regal concept by their in-house design team was followed throughout, with eye-catching features such as the kaleidoscope-inspired bespoke changing room wallpapers with famous British monarchs. Rothschild & Bickers created a range of gem stone lighting to resemble emeralds and diamonds, customising our Standing and Flora Pendants with Polished Brass and Jade Green glass. 

Bespoke pendant lighting by Rothschild & Bickers at Ted Baker Regent Street store London.

Ted Baker, Regent Street store in London

Every Ted Baker store is designed to showcase the brand's unique sense of humour and grasp of retail theatre to ensure his customers enjoy a welcoming and pleasurable shopping experience. Each location boasts a fully bespoke design that's full of innovative and distinctive touches. interiors are playful, witty, luxurious and stylish - each one packed full of high quality fashion and quirky touches waiting to be discovered. Ted Baker

Detail of pendant lighting at Ted Baker Regent Street store in London