Optical moulds - adding textured pattern to the glass

Optical molds used by Rothschild & Bickers

Optical or dip moulds have been used for centuries to add texture to the surface of blown glass. A cylindrical or truncated conical one-piece form with a patterned interior, the mould is open at the top so that glass can be dipped in to create a pattern on the exterior of a gather of glass or on a bubble. Traditionally they are made from cast brass or aluminium but newer designs can use metal fins to create a profile.

The dip has to happen at the very beginning of the blowing process when the glass is still red molten hot and can take the impression of the metal. Once applied, the glass can then be blown into any form or shape required. This decorative technique is used in nearly all our designs from Pick-n-Mix Diamond Pendants to ribbed Flora Pendants.

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