Curious objects - how to enliven your interior

Interior by The Curious Department, Vintage Light Large in Sargasso with Satinwood gold fringe

Through history the wealthy have always liked to define their personalities through collections of glamorous objects as tangible tokens of their intelligence, wealth, and taste. The classic cabinet of curiosities, emerged in the sixteenth century and were the ultimate status symbol among aristocrats and academics. Things have not really changed since then except the objects have finally moved out of the cabinet and into the space, these can range from hand blown glass lamps to paintings. Maximalism has been embraced again over the last few years and our homes have become the 'Wunderkammer', our own personal museum to enjoy every day.
Flora glass wall light sconce by Rothschild & Bickers for the Curious Department

Interior by The Curious Department, Flora Wall Light in Sargasso Optic

The Curious Department is a UK-based design studio run by co-founders Ross and Chris, with an online boutique that specialises in the creation of art, prints, and luxurious home accessories, the perfect place to start your collection. Their passion is 'to take the under appreciated aesthetics found in nature, and transform them into unexpected mesmerising objects of beauty'. After relocating to Hertfordshire during the pandemic, The Curious Department has set up HQ at their new four storey Victorian period house. Their style 'embraces the eccentricity of clutter, clashes and the uncommon, with a splash of opulence and dash of Art Deco'.

We love what they have done with this fantastic garden room featuring a bespoke large Vintage Light and Flora Wall Light by Rothschild & Bickers. The room has been decorated with designer wall paint company Lick, who began documenting The Curious Department as part of their Decorating Diaries series. The combination of lush plants, framed taxidermy, patterned fabric and opulent lighting creates an exotic space and takes you on a journey of imagination.

All photography by @anniehrunchie for @lick


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