Merging Victorian extravagance with sleek design

Interior Design by Kingston Lafferty Design - Vintage Lights

The Vaults Parlour Cafe is a stunningly renovated original four-storey Victorian building designed by Kingston Lafferty Design.  The designers were influenced by the architecture and the lavish opulence of this age to create an indulgent parlour. With influence from the classic parlour room, they studied and researched Irish examples, wallpapers, furniture, fixtures and fittings, textiles and artwork from the Victorian era before seeking to merge the traditional with contrasting sleek, contemporary elements. The extravagance of our Vintage Lights create the perfect balance with the Alice in Wonderland inspired chequered floor.  

Vintage Lights by Rothschild & Bickers hanging over table, Interior design by Kingston Lafferty Design

Interior Design by Kingston Lafferty Design - Vintage Lights

The aim of the space was to encourage interaction and imagination in the visitor, to fully immerse visitors of all ages in a magical, whimsical environment, encouraging further interaction and engagement and essentially encouraging them to spend more time within the building.


Kingston Lafferty Design

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