How to create a calming kitchen for 2023

Interior by utide, 3 & 4 Bubble Spindle Pendants

Post pandemic we are all looking for our homes to feel calm and relaxed, an antidote to the chaos unfolding around us in the outside world. The modern kitchen has evolved from a utilitarian space into the main social hub of the house. It is not only meal preparation that happens in the kitchen: now it is where we eat meals together, do homework with our kids, manage the household from, and hang out with friends and family. 

Spindle Pendants by Rothschild & Bickers hanging over kitchen table

Interior by utide, 3 & 4 Bubble Spindle Pendants

It is essential that your kitchen is designed in such a way that it reduces clutter and chores to create the ultimate stress-free zone. Choosing the right colours and materials can go a long way to creating a serene space, even in the busiest of homes. This gorgeous family home in Japan, designed by utide is the perfect example of how this can be achieved. The combination of clean lines, soft marbles and warm monochrome paint creates a wonderful ambience, with large window and door features to the garden. The balance between the interior and nature is reflected throughout the room with accessories in wood and clear glass. We absolutely love the use of Rothschild & Bickers Spindle Pendants hanging over the dining table, the reeded glass adding sparkle and texture to this minimalist design.

All photography by Nacasa & Partners

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Spindle Pendants in 3 & 4 Bubble by Rothschild & Bickers

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