Balancing opulence with simple colour

Prestigious Textiles Photoshoot Opulence Collection - Opulent Optic pendants in Grey and Sargasso glass with Satinwood fringe

Our Opulent Optic pendant was designed perfectly to sit in a luxurious period interior. The design is inspired by 18th Century Chinoiserie, combining an oriental glass form with decorative fabric trimming, adding a Rococo style flourish. What better match to this than a luscious green velvet by Prestigious Textiles. This beautiful photoshoot is set against a simple panelled wall in a muted grey tone, the ideal backdrop to these plush furnishings.

Opulent Optic glass pendant lights by Rothschild & Bickers at the Mari Concept Store

Standard Opulent Optic Pendants - Mari Concept Store

This juxtaposition of simple colour and luxury furnishings is repeated by the Mari Concept Store, mixing dark grey velvets, artwork and pendant lighting.

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