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Interior by Pfeiffer Design - Spindle Shades in Tea Glass with Matte Bronze metal finish

So you have just purchased your dream home and the initial excitement of renovating and decorating has been replaced by a mild panic and terminal procrastination. Decorating an entire house in one go seems completely overwhelming and you have ended up with a room full of sample tiles and wallpaper and still no idea what to choose! This is when you need the calm and decisive skills of a professional interior designer. It might seem like an unwanted expense at the time but their services will actually save you money and your sanity in the long term.

Rothschild & Bickers mouth blown glass pendant lighting over kitchen island by Pfeiffer Design

Interior by Pfeiffer Design - Spindle Shades in Tea, Eel and Amber

We regularly collaborate with a portfolio of companies who specialise in full house design, from interior architecture to furnishings. Their expertise is invaluable, creating themes with matching colours and materials, commissioning stylish focal points with bespoke lighting and art. Pfeiffer Design are one of our favourite clients offering this holistic approach. Based in Brighton & Sussex, their team will carefully select every element of your design, infusing each room with your vision. They offer a comprehensive service inclusive of everything from structural work and extensions, open plan kitchen and living design, zoning and layout, luxury apartment refurbishment and much more.

Their expertise will help you define your style, work out budgeting and give you access to quality suppliers such as Rothschild & Bickers who have been tried and tested. The ultimate aim is to create a cohesive finish that looks effortless, and adds value to your investment. You should be able to relax, enjoy the process, find those beautiful pendant lights you want for above your kitchen island and end up with the home of your dreams!



Interior by Pfeiffer Design - Mineral Pendant in Lazurite Blue

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