Maximalist living room

Interior by Prestigious Textiles photoshoot 'Beyond Journey' - Mineral Pendant in large Lazurite Aqua and Malachite

It has always intrigued us how design can be such an immersive experience, stimulating your imagination to take you somewhere exotic and almost otherworldly. Maximalism is all about this and definitely a trend that will attract those who love to mix colour and texture. Rothschild & Bickers were delighted to be part of a photoshoot for Prestigious Textiles showing their new range of ‘Beyond Journey’ fabrics capturing adventure through five printed velvets featuring restored archive artwork, dramatic tropical vistas, prowling tigers and distressed damask motifs. These combine beautifully with our Mineral and Standing pendant collections, for those who like to indulge their wild side.

Standing pendants by Rothschild & Bickers hanging in Maximalist room design by Prestigious Textiles

Interior by Prestigious Textiles photoshoot 'Beyond Journey' - Standing pendants

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