How to use black as a neutral colour

Kitchen design by wn studio + store, Tiered Light standard with matte bronze metalwork

This year black kitchens have become much more sophisticated, paired with gentle highlights in natural materials making them feel less formal. Matte black replaces polished surfaces and is juxtaposed with lighter features in wood, earth toned pottery, reeded glass and foliage to create a softer more elegant interior.

wn studio + store are a design and retail space based in Ashley Cross Dorset. This beautiful kitchen using our Tiered Pendants is one of their latest projects and a perfect example of how black can used as a neutral colour. The clear glass gives an almost industrial feel with modern lines, toned down with a delicate wooden backsplash and select group of handmade ceramic accessories.

Kitchen design by wn studio + store, Tiered Light standard

Rothschild & Bickers is made by hand at our glass blowing workshop in Hertford and wn studio + store are focused on working with UK based companies, with a drive to be sustainable where possible. Their signature style of mixing new and vintage items together where possible, both in the retail space and on projects, is a perfect match with our design aesthetics.


Living room design by wn studio + store

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