Working with a Lighting consultant - Sian Baxter

Lighting design by Sian Baxter - Pick-n-Mix Large Pendants on a Large Multi Drop Plate

How to create a lighting scheme for your home? This is one of the hardest tasks for any interior designer and definitely the most important. A considered design will achieve a warm and welcoming space but the flip side can be dark and depressing or too bright and overwhelming. Finding the correct balance takes a high level of skill and understanding. A good lighting consultant can guarantee success and elevate a design from mediocre to spectacular, highlighting architectural features, bringing to life hidden nooks and showcasing furniture.

For over 20 years Sian Baxter Lighting Design has been curating beautiful lighting for residential and commercial properties in the UK, Europe and the USA. This Putney based consultancy was founded by Sian in 2001 and has grown from strength to strength, earning a reputation for creating schemes that are subtle and sympathetic. She is now one of the industry’s leading professionals, fluent in the nuanced language of lumens, colour temperatures and show stopping feature pieces. 

Lighting design by Sian Baxter - Pick-n-Mix Large Pendants on a Large Multi Drop Plate

Sian strives for perfection and is a firm believer in the transformative power of light. Her style is contemporary with a warm eclectic feel, skilfully layering ambient and accent lighting. One of the company's key design mantras is that all lighting should look beautiful on and off. With this in mind, Rothschild & Bickers are an ideal pairing when adding a statement pendant or two. Our blown glass is incredibly versatile with unique features of transparency and reflection, bringing different textures, colours and levels of translucence. Sian's palette is earthy and grounded, using muted tones and finishes. These residential projects using our Large Multi Drop Plates with Pick-n-Mix Pendants are indicative of her work, a wonderful mix of materials and forms, evoking a sleek and contemporary atmosphere. The lighting entices the viewer to enter and explore, a relaxing space that embodies the best that design can offer. 


Lighting Design - Sian Baxter Lighting Design

Images: Carol Fulton Photography & Sian Baxter

‘It still makes me smile when I see one of my lighting schemes come to life and utterly transform a space’. Sian Baxter

Lighting design by Sian Baxter

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