How to add a fun feature to your kitchen

Interior by ROCK+POPPINS - Mineral Large pendants in Malachite, Photography by Chris Snook

Kitchen pendant lighting ideas should be at the centre of your design when starting a project. The most natural place to include them is over an island adding a statement piece, which if chosen correctly, will become the cherry on top of a beautiful lighting scheme. This is an element that allows a client to bring in some fun and personality to what is essentially a functional space.

Jo & Simon Ash have both worked individually within industry-leading design consultancies and fashion houses for over 20 years, and also together as a partnership, designing and renovating homes in South London. In 2018 they founded ROCK + POPPINS, a design practice that creates and delivers considered and bespoke design solutions for both commercial and residential projects. They are not afraid to be bold and exciting with their lighting selections and have used both our Pick-n-Mix Large Pendants and Mineral Large malachite green pendants in recent kitchen renovations.

Pick-n-Mix Large Pendant glass lighting by Rothschild & Bickers hanging over kitchen island

Interior by ROCK+POPPINS - Pick-n-Mix Large pendants, Photography by Chris Snook

There is a fine balance when hanging pendant lighting, making sure they are not too bulky or blocking sight-lines within the room. Glass shades can be a great option, adding a layer of translucency that creates a delicate and luminous feel. Rothschild & Bickers have a huge variety of shapes and colours that can be installed individually or in larger Clusters, custom finished to your needs. They also have the inherent ability to look beautiful in sun light, for your morning coffee!

Photography by Chris Snook

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