Teal glass decorative pendant light with gold fabric lamp tassel and twisted flex

Tassel Light

4.127 kr
Tasseled glass lamp shade-Vintage Bell-Peach-Rothschild & Bickers

Vintage Bell

4.315 kr
Ball shaped coloured glass light shade with frilled bottom on twisted fabric covered flex

Nouveau Bell

3.977 kr
Empire Short

Empire Short

3.940 kr
Tall Stepped clear glass decorative pendant light with copper fittings and fabric covered flex

Empire Tall

4.090 kr
Olive green ribbed glass decorative pendant light with brass fittings and twisted fabric covered flex

Open Optic

4.203 kr
Coloured glass pendant lights-Nouveau Open-Sargasso-Rothschild & Bickers

Nouveau Open

3.977 kr
Modern glass pendant light-Ship Light-Rothschild & Bickers

Ship Light

3.865 kr