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Deborah Law Interiors, Mariposa Stairwell - Large Multi Drop Ceiling Plate

Deborah Law Interiors offer a complete design, build and interior service. They create unique and timeless interiors, looking at all aspects from layout to bespoke furniture. Rothschild & Bickers have regularly worked alongside their team to create some memorable designs from dining room pendants to larger stairwell chandeliers. 
This beautiful project showcases exactly what is possible when working with Deborah. The space has a wonderful flow from the kitchen to the lounge area with exquisite detailing from joinery to art accessories, mirrored throughout the house. We absolutely love the main entrance hall and landing area framing an incredible cluster of Rothschild & Bickers glass lighting. Using an oval shaped Large Multi Drop Ceiling Plate, they have created an opulent centre piece installation above the staircase. The mix of colourful Flora, Standing and Spindle shades with clear fluted glass Spindle Pendants is gorgeous!
Rothschild & Bickers Lazurite Mineral glass pendant lighting hanging over a kitchen island

Deborah Law Interiors, Mariposa Kitchen - Large Lazurite Mineral Pendants

Blue is definitely a predominant colour in this scheme accented throughout the spaces from paint finishes to soft furnishings. This has also influenced their choice of glass colour, opting for denim blue Retro Lights over the dining table and Lazurite Blue Mineral Pendants over the kitchen island. It pairs beautifully with the more neutral brown and cream tones, creating a balanced and luxury feel to the space.

All photography by Jonathan Little

We are Interior Architects and Interior Designers, which means we calculate the best physical interior space, its form and flow and then create the beauty and style of the space down to the finest details.

Deborah Law Interiors, Mariposa Dining Room - Retro Lights in Denim and Bronze

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