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Interior by Kirkby Design - Pick-n-Mix Standard Cylinder Eel

These beautiful images showing our Pick-n-Mix Standard Pendants were styled by Kirkby Design for their new collections of textured fabrics, including the new  Teddy plus re-colours of Fibre, Ice and Cloud. There are big changes coming in 2023 and the 1970's is making a comeback. For most of us this conjures up orange formica kitchens, avocado bathroom suites and bad shag pile carpet. Luckily things have moved on and been reinterpreted into a more luxurious and subtle direction. As always, interiors are following fashion, think David Hockney's 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy', cool and calming with a sexy and sophisticated edge. Earthy mint greens, aubergines and neutrals colours are key to this look combined with textured fabrics from bouclé to soft velvets. There is a new stripped-back aesthetic and texture is prioritised over form, with low slung furniture, simple materials and more geometric shapes. 
Sofa in geometric velvet fabric by Kirby Design with pendant light in cherry red glass by Rothschild & Bickers

Interior by Kirkby Design - Pick-n-Mix Standard Ball in Cherry

Led by Brand Director, Jordan Mould, influential British interiors brand, Kirkby Design, has a contemporary and sometimes playful approach to innovative design and colour. Creating distinctive textiles from its in-house studio in London, Kirkby Design has also pioneered unique collaborations including the successful Underground collection with Transport for London and with the iconic fashion brand, Eley Kishimoto.

This 3D velvet with a graphic, hexagonal structure is softened by a premium triple quilting, providing a plush finish. Quirky and playful with a stain repellent finish, Cloud II FR is designed with upholstery in mind, but is also ideal for statement furniture pieces and headboards.

All photography by Peer Lindgreen


Interior by Kirkby Design - Pick-n-Mix Standard Flask

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