New hotel concept - Lindley Lindenberg

Lindley Lindenberg, Interior by Studio ABERJA - Standard Tiered Light customised in Polished Copper

'Lindenberg is not a hotel, it is a guest house', that is how the owners describe the space. The concept originated in 2012, in a simple Ostend Gründerzeit villa, and has now grown to three communities which make the barrier between guest, host and the house disappear. The aim is to create from the community a worldwide collective of progressive urbanites with humanistic ideals, reinventing contemporary home decor in which community spirit, sustainability, culture, style and a strong social attitude are the most important factors.

Lindley Lindenberg Hotel interior, bedroom design by Studio ABERJA

Lindley Lindenberg, Interior by Studio ABERJA

Lindley Lindenberg has been created by renowned architectural firm Franken Architekten and designers from Studio ABERJA in Frankfurt am Main have artistically refurbished the rooms. Handcrafted one-offs, restored Thonet furniture, design pieces from selected manufacturers and more than 500 works by contemporary artists adorn the Frankfurt hotel. 

We were delighted to be selected for some of their communal areas, supplying our Art Deco inspired Tiered Lights in clear optical glass with polished copper fixtures. The materials chosen by Studio ABERJA give the spaces an eclectic feel, balancing the use of concrete and cast metal with warm parquet flooring, natural rattan and custom tiles. High ceilings and large windows are the ideal space for these elegant pendants.

The interiors are stylistically inspired by a fluid transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, introducing both a decorative playfulness and geometric sobriety. There is a finesse to all the furnishings, with considered design and the use of high-quality materials.

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