Statement Lighting at the Hotel Sonne

Interior by Ottomar, Hotel Sonne - Custom large Opulent Optic pendants in tea, Photography by Franz Mueller Schmidt

A statement piece is something that holds a room together, providing a guide to style the rest of your decor around. Distinct and eye-catching, they make an incredible feature and a great talking point for visitors. Anything adventurous and daring can be termed as a statement item – furniture, paint colour, artwork, and even lighting. It is something that adds personality and character to a space, just by being so different and unique. If you are thinking about adding a statement piece, make sure that it is something that truly reflects who you are, because it is usually the main thing people will remember about your space.
Custom large Opulent optic pendant light by Rothschild & Bickers in Hotel Sonne bedroom

Interior by Ottomar, Hotel Sonne - Custom large Opulent optic pendant in tea, Photography by Franz Mueller Schmidt

The Hotel Sonne in Zittau is run by Christian Weise, an architect and founder of Ottomar, whose has a passion for design and hospitality. The concept was developed with Natalia Anuszkiewicz and has a unique character, full of incredible statement pieces to make a memorable stay. The building itself is a heritage property that has been lovingly restored with a restrained pared back style. Ottomar commissioned custom made large Opulent Optic pendants throughout the hotel as a feature light from dining areas to bedrooms, adding a decadent sparkle and soft texture to the space. These statement lights add an eclectic touch against the relatively minimalist feel of the design, creating the perfect balance between tradition and a modern aesthetic.

All Photography by Franz Mueller Schmidt

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