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    How much text is going here, how much detail on the team?


    Book an appointment

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    Need more details about this form. And the fields and mechanic.

    Is it not just simpler for them to ring? Or to use this text which we have used elsewhere…

    We can book you an appointment at our showroom if you have a specific project and want to discuss in detail. Weekdays are best, as it can be busy over the weekend with passing trade. If you have any drawings or designs you want to email us prior to your visit, it can be helpful for us to prepare ideas and samples for you. Please call 020 7359 5817 or email islington@rothschildbickers.com


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    Is this definitely a form not just a link to a download, i.e. you want to collect data?

    Is this ordering a printed brochure or linking to a pdf download?

    Do you give people the two options so can download the pdf but if you want the printed version you need to fill in a form?
    Needs fields required and email address for the form submit.