Adean Studios - Mirate Restaurant, LA

Interiors by Adean Studios, Mirate - Vintage Light in Tea glass with Burgundy trim

Rothschild & Bickers are really excited to be finally UL approved and introducing our products to US specifiers for the first time! Adean Studios was founded in 2019 by Alexa Nafisi from her West Village apartment. Her vision is to create custom interiors that are sophisticated and timeless by employing a wide range of ideas, materials, objects, and references - from the unexpected to the mundane. The studio’s approach is to collaborate and participate - from the integration of large structural pieces to the plate ware, stemware, and salt and pepper shakers. Adean truly believe every piece matters when striving for a cohesive concept driven, unique space. 

The Mirate is a boutique Mexican restaurant located in Los Angeles, a large 5000 square foot space that has been transformed into a stylish retreat with garden dining, two separate bar lounges and a private roof top dining area. The design is an eclectic mix of classic wicker furniture, solid stone finishes with warm rustic colours and textures. There are so many beautiful things to look at, the attention to detail is a feast for the eyes. Our Vintage Lights with burgundy fabric trim adds a fun element to the bar, creating a decadent atmosphere, definitely the place to order some more Mezcal!

Photography @mj_kroeger, Styling: @randibrookmanharris

Planting:@chloeandmint, Art Installation:@tellaeche, PR:@partnerwithpace

@mirate.losangeles, @adeanstudios

Rothschild & Bickers Vintage glass pendant lighting over bar at Mirate Boutique restaurant, Los Angeles

Interiors by Adean Studios, Mirate - Vintage Light in Tea glass with Burgundy trim

We create environments that are grounded in rich narration and guided by collaborative research, contextual appreciation, and informed perspective. We believe that considered design creates space for discourse, human connection, and cultural growth. Alexa Nafisi, Adean Studios

Interiors by Adean Studios, Mirate

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