Le Matilda - Concert Hall, Mâcon

Interior by Diso Design - Petite Pop Wall Lights in Clear and Tea Diamond

"Le Matilda" is a multi functional space opened by Maud Griezmann in the city of Mâcon, France. The venue is a concert hall but also serves as a relaxing space during the day with a bookshop and record store. Designer Fanny Disch Soulier from Diso Design has used plush inviting furnishings, decorative wallpapers and an eclectic mix of lighting to create a vibrant yet cosy interior. The venue also hosts a cafe, two exhibition rooms and an outside winter garden/terrace. This is the kind of place you can while away the hours and immerse yourself in the arts. The name "Matilda" comes from the movie of Danny De Vito. Inside the building you can see two murals with the characters of the Matilda movie.

Opulent Optic and Vintage Lights by Rothschild & Bickers in Bookshop Cafe

Interior by Diso Design - Opulent Optic and Vintage Pendants

The placement of our Petite Pop Wall Lights in the powder rooms look magnificent beside the gilt frame mirrors and gold bathroom fittings. The Opulent Optic pendants and Vintage Lights with their gold fringing make a wonderful contrast to the fully stacked bookshelves and painted mural ceilings, gently enveloping the room. Open Optic pendants in denim colour hang over the bar area, the perfect match to the shelves of coloured bottles and vintage glasses behind. This design is a feast for the eyes, every little detail has been meticulously thought through and we love it!

All photography - @diso_video

Interior by Diso Design - Open Optic Pendant in Denim

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