How to add originality to a space?

Interior by Louise Robinson, family home in Muswell Hill - Pick-n-Mix Large pendants in Amber, Bronze and Tea

Sometimes you walk into a room and just feel a sense of calm confidence, a space where every detail has been carefully chosen to reflect the client's persona and style. This is exactly the feeling that came to mind when we saw this incredible interior by Louise Robinson, a stunning Edwardian refurbishment. Louise previously worked for highly respected designers including Hazel Collins and Jo Berryman Studio before setting up her own practice in Muswell Hill, North London. Her love of colour and passion for detail bring this house to life.  

Interior by Louise Robinson, family home in Muswell Hill.

Interior by Louise Robinson, family home in Muswell Hil

The combination of multiple elements create something unique, rich and interesting to the eye. A cluster of Pick-n-Mix Large pendants in Amber, Eel and Tea, match tonally with the warm palette of ethnic geometric prints dotted throughout the room. The handmade quality of the glass, selected fabrics and wonderful paintings are framed by the blush pink walls, adding a layer of authenticity and originality to the space. Every detail has been carefully selected, there is almost a minimalist approach given to each object, giving a clean crisp feel. We absolutely love the wall hanging by @arumfellow and table lamp by @salvesengraham. All photography by Rachael Smith.

Nature is a huge source of inspiration and it is often my starting point when putting together colours and approaching a new scheme. I also enjoy layering textures and finishes to create rooms which are uplifting and designed to be enjoyed, whilst giving a nod to a building's heritage. Louise Robinson

Pick-n-Mix Large Pendants by Rothschild & Bickers

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