Botanical colours - Elle Decoration & Crown Paints

Photoshoot for Crown Paints by Elle Decoration, Large Pop Light and Standard Pick-n-Mix Ball

Crown Paints has been a leading British paint manufacturer, with a heritage that dates back more than 200 years. Its first store opened in Lancashire in 1777 and the company is still based there to this day. Recently they have collaborated with Elle Decoration to create a range of colours that encapsulate the magazine. We were honoured to be selected for the photoshoot featuring our Pop and Pick-n-Mix pendants in shades of green for the Botanical Noir Collection. 

Rothschild & Bickers Large Pop Light in detail, Tea and Eel glass colours

Large Pop Light in Plain Tea and Diamond Eel glass finish

This trend comes from nature’s colour palette, Botanical. Evoke memories of long forest walks using colours that range throughout the four seasons. To achieve this look, we combined the deep green of Botanical Noir with the softer Trailing Plant and accessorised with furniture in varying shades of complementary greens. Variety is key for this look. Don’t forget to add a touch of fresh greenery to breathe life into the aesthetic. Elle Decoration

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