Images & Product Details
We aimed throughout to let the photographs from our studio speak largely for themselves. We know that seeing how we blow, shape and form our work will help our customers better understand the materials and techniques involved. Along with the pictures, you’ll find richer details on each product and what you might expect when you engage with a bespoke project. Product options, specifications & instructions, and prices can now be found online and are available as downloadable PDFs too.

Responsive Web Design
This approach to web design and development allows for a single piece of code to adapt elegantly to each visitor's device. This broadly means that one is able to comfortably read and navigate regardless of whether you're on a desktop, mobile or tablet. However, when using these concepts one should also consider the context of these various mediums and their impact on speed and technological capabilities.

Team Responsible
A few people were instrumental in creating this site. We knew what our new site needed in terms of the tone and content, however we could not have done it alone.

Ben Edmonds of We Sort took the role of transferring our vision into a responsive site, ensured the details of refreshing the site were accounted for, and generally managed the project. While Joe and his colleagues at Eleventh Edition coded the site with every last technical element required to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

Help from the wider developer community was critical:

We set out to create a site that was more visually appealing with richer information about our studio and that's just what we got. We are really pleased to say the least.

Thanks to everyone involved.