Standard ceiling roses

Each light ordered from us comes with an individual ceiling rose as standard. These are typically matched to the metalwork colour and style of the light. There are three types available. The smaller Petite 72mm D front fix is generally used when your mains connection can be hidden in the ceiling void, the rose then acts as  a discreet cover. The larger 78mm D Empire rose or 100mm D Classic rose with a back bracket and side fix have more space behind and span a wider radius to cover holes in the ceiling. We tend to use these on larger pendants or on more solid surfaces when the wiring needs to be housed internally.

Decorative roses and multiple drop plates

We also have two more decorative ceiling roses that match with our Flora and Standing pendants. The Flora 78mm D and Standing 100mm D are both side fix roses. If you are looking to suspend a cluster of pendants from your single electrical point then you may want to use a larger standard 3 or 5 drop ceiling plate. These are also available in our full range of metal finishes or in a RAL white paint finish. They have a cross bracket fixing with side fix grub screws and can be pre-wired to height if requested. When using these plates for an installation, you will need a minimum of 800-1000mm from ceiling to the bottom of the lights, in order to vertically clear each other. For larger installations, we offer a bespoke ceiling plate service.

Standard Ceiling Roses

Petite ceiling roses in all metal finishes, D72mm
Petite Ceiling rose, instructions, Rothschild & Bickers
Installation instructions for Petite ceiling rose
Empire ceiling rose, Rothschild & Bickers, lighting
Installation instructions for Empire ceiling rose
Empire ceiling rose, roses, finishes, Rothschild & Bickers
Empire ceiling roses in all metal finishes, D78mm
Classic ceiling rose, Rothschild & Bickers, glass lighting
Classic ceiling roses in all metal finishes, D100mm

Decorative Ceiling Roses

Flora ceiling rose, Rothschild & Bickers, lighting
Flora ceiling rose in all metal finishes, D78mm
Standing ceiling rose, Rothschild & Bickers, lighting
Standing ceiling roses in all metal finishes, D100mm

Hooked Petite Ceiling Roses

Hooked Petite ceiling Roses
Hooked Petite Ceiling Roses in all metal finishes, D72mm