Standard: £375.00 RRP

Large: £635.00 RRP

Price includes UK postage & VAT

Surface Finishes: Plain, Diamond or optic (standard ball only)

Metal finishes: All standard options available

Glass colours: All standard options available including clear


Pick-n-Mix Flask Lights by Rothschild & Bickers
Pick-n-Mix Flask Standard shown in Eel, Peach & Aubergine
Pick-n-Mix ball pendants by Rothschild & Bickers for newly designed interior by M Projects
Pick-n-Mix standard balls over table, M Projects
Tools sparking on the outside of a handblown glass form
Pick-n-Mix Flask during manufacturing
Peach coloured glass pendants suspended over a table in an open plan living space
Peach Diamond Large Cylinders
Twelve clear round lights hanging in a period home stairway
Green & Ruby Pink coloured glass lights hanging in a room with a fireplace
Design Jo Berryman Studio — Photo by Simon Williams
Three handblown round glass pendants in Copper Blue glass with copper metalwork
IPick-n-Mix ball and flask pendant for Romo Photoshoot  Alston collection Rothschild & Bickers
Pick-n-Mix in Romo Photoshoot Alston collection 
Line drawings & images with dimensions of Pick-n-Mix Balls
Pick-n-Mix Ball
Standard: height: 215mm — diameter: 195mm
Large: height: 280mm — diameter: 250mm
Shown: Grey - Diamond   —   Copper Blue - Plain
Line drawings & images with dimensions of Pick-n-Mix Bowls
Pick-n-Mix Bowl
Standard: height: 190mm — diameter: 190mm
Large: height: 265mm — diameter: 245mm
Shown: Sargasso - Plain   —   Tea - Plain
Line drawings & images with dimensions of Pick-n-Mix Cylinders
Pick-n-Mix Cylinder
Standard: height: 240mm — diameter: 110mm
Large: height: 325mm — diameter: 135mm
Shown: Cherry - Diamond   —   Grey - Diamond
Line drawing and photo of Pick-n-Mix Flask lights
Pick-n-Mix Flask
Standard: height: 260mm — diameter: 160mm
Large: height: 310mm — diameter: 210mm
Shown: Eel - Plain   —   Aubergine - Diamond
Line drawings & images with dimensions of Pick-n-Mix Pots
Pick-n-Mix Pot
Standard: height: 230mm — diameter: 150mm
Large: height: 305mm — diameter: 180mm
Shown: Grey- Plain   —   Bronze - Diamond