The Plate

The standard plates come in two sizes 265mm D and 442mm D. These are used to hang a cluster of 3- 5 pendants when there is only one electrical point available. They are constructed with a cross bracket fixing and side grub screws. In general these are colour matched to the metal finish on the lights or powder coated white to blend into the ceiling. Available in all our metal finish options or RAL bright white and off white.


When using these plates for an installation, you will need a minimum of 800-1000mm from ceiling to the bottom of the lights to allow the shades to vertically clear each other. We can provide a 3D sketch to work out the design and spacing for your interior. As standard we suggest leaving 2200mm clearance if you want to walk underneath the pendants. When hanging over a table we normally leave 1500mm from floor to the bottom of the pendants, clearing head height when looking across a table.

Ceiling plates, Rothschild & Bickers, lighting, custom
Ceiling plates, 3 Drop 265mm, 3 Drop 442mm, 5 Drop 442mm in polished brass
Celing plates, Dimensions, Rothschild & Bickers
Ceiling plates dimensions
standard plates minimum drop heights by Rothschild & Bickers
Minimum heights for 3 and 5 drop ceiling plates
Ceiling plates, 3 drop, Rothschild & Bickers
3 drop ceiling plates in our Islington showroom
5 drop ceiling plate over dining table by Rothschild & Bickers
Pick-n-Mix pendants in photoshoot for Osborne & Little
Standard ceiling plates 5 drop by Rothschild & Bickers
5 drop ceiling plates
Large cluster of colourful glass pendant lights on 3 and 5 drop plates by Rothschild & Bickers
3 and 5 drop plates for Motel One Hamburg