The second reheating chamber or "Gloryhole" was in need of some desperate care and attention. It needed new metal doors fabricated and casted also just a general spruce up so that we can now have the possibility of running either or both in the workshop. 

The first stage was to make moulds using the existing metal framework. Into these moulds we cast a mix of refractory concrete which is heat resistant up to 1600 degrees celsius. There are three parts to this reheating chamber. An interior ring, an inner door (11inch opening) and a pair of swinging doors (6inch opening). This is so that we can close and open depending on the size of the piece of glass we are heating up. 

Here we are tamping down the concrete into the mould, these will be left to dry overnight and then pre fired to make sure all of the moisture has left the concrete. The next stage is to install the doors and pack the walls of the chamber with a ceramic fibre material. 

Now that the parts of the Gloryhole are assembled, it is time to connect the gas and air feeds. Making sure that everything is checked thoroughly before we light it up for the first time.