Pick-n-Mix Pendants lights by Rothschild & Bickers

Pick-n-Mix at Motel One

31st January 2019

Bespoke pendant lights by Rothschild & Bickers

Stop at the lights

31st January 2019

Clear plain and diamond finish Pick-n-Mix Pendants by Rothschild & Bickers

Clear as day

29th June 2018

Pick-n-Mix ball pendants by Rothschild & Bickers for newly designed interior by M Projects

Bespoke Interiors

22nd June 2018

Spindle, Flora and Standing Pendant on three arm chandelier

We are mad about the house!

28th June 2017

Making glass balls for Ted Baker Century City black and white Chandelier

Black & White stripes

21st February 2017

Pick-n-Mix pendant lights in staircase void

Pick-n-Mix Staircase

18th January 2017

Chandelier made of glass pineapples

Feeling Fruity

3rd November 2016

Vintage lights at 200 Coffee shop, Birmingham

Vintage Coffee

1st November 2016

Bespoke wall lights for Chapter Seven Design Ltd.

Bespoke wall lights

15th September 2016

Blown glass with laser cut decorative wind vane feature for Ted Baker Chile store

Glass and laser cutting

2nd August 2016

Glass and plumbing parts for Ted Baker Ottawa store by Rothschild & Bickers

Gone plumbing mad for Ted Baker

26th July 2016