About us

The captivating nature of molten glass and how this has been disciplined by traditional manufacturing has always been at the heart of Rothschild & Bickers. The company founders, Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers, are both glass blowers and trained at the Royal College of Art before graduating and setting up their own studio in 2003. An admiration for heritage craft and the decorative arts is at the foundation of this partnership. Their mission is to reinvigorate classical techniques and create a sustainable production of contemporary glass lighting in the UK.

Rothschild & Bickers

Mark Bickers and Victoria Rothschild.

We want to showcase skills and design that stimulate the imagination, celebrating the function of decoration, transforming the everyday object into an artform. Victoria Rothschild

Glass has an ornate incandescent quality, creating shadows and texture, adding a layer of glamour and intimacy to an interior. Rothschild & Bickers amplifies this character further with a bold mix of materials from fabric fringing to delicate metalwork, transporting the viewer to somewhere nostalgic and almost otherworldly. 

The Team

Production team: From left to right: Eleanor, Calum, Janet, Mark, Vicki, Hanne, Amy, Marie, Sammy.

Glass manufacture is a team sport and is only successful when there is a fully committed group of people working together. All the staff at Rothschild & Bickers have studied glass design and continually strive to share their expertise in order to keep this extraordinary craft alive. It can take up to seven years to become a master glass blower, making and replicating multiple shapes without a mould. The company is dedicated to a structured teaching programme and growing manufacturing capacity for the future. If you would like to find out more about a career with us please email us here.