Standard: £410.00 RRP

Large: £485.00 RRP

Extra Large: £535.00 RRP

Price includes UK postage & VAT

Surface Finishes: Plain, Optic, Bubble or Diamond

Metal Finishes: All standard options except brushed nickel

Amber glass light with trapped bubbles
Flora and Spindle shade pendants over Kitchen Island - Jonathan Williams Kitchens
Ruby pink coloured hanging light in ribbed glass
Nags Head, Covent Garden — McMullen & Sons
Flora Light being checked for size
Three glass pendant lights in front of a zebra print wallpapered wall
Wallpaper by Osborne & Little
Bright conservatory with plants and glass hanging lights
Line drawing with dimensions for Flora Pendant Standard
Flora Pendant Standard:  Height: 220mm — Diameter: 180mm
Line drawing with dimensions for Flora Pendant Large
Flora Pendant Large:  Height: 260mm — Diameter: 220mm
Flora Pendant Extra Large:  Height: 285mm — Diameter: 250mm