Product care

There are some simple ways to maintain the original gleam of our lights. Ensure all power to the circuit is switched off and allow the glass shades to completely cool before cleaning them. We recommend using gloves when handling the glass shade to avoid fingerprints. For a regular dust, we would suggest using a dry lint free microfibre cloth. Don’t forget to clean the bulbs/lamps, these can be gently unscrewed from the lamp holder (lamp socket). 

For spaces with damp or greasy conditions (bathrooms, kitchens), a microfibre cloth with standard glass cleaner will work well, but be sure to wipe the fixture completely dry to avoid water spots or streaks. For shades that can be removed, you can wash in warm water with a light dish soap but be careful of slippery hands! Please note when unscrewing the shade ring be sure to hold the cord grip to avoid the pendant spinning.
All our metal fittings are protected with a coat of clear lacquer which is there to protect the finish. Please do not use any chemical cleaning products as this will remove the laquer and damage the finish. We just advise that you dust your fittings regularly. To dust, simply use a dry microfibre cloth to remove any build up or dirt. You can use a damp cloth if required and then dry gently afterwards. If you need to clean any marks on your flex then baby wipes work very well and are recommended as the first solution to try. Alternatively you can use solvent cleaning wipes (widely available from DIY type stores).