Standard 3/5 drop plate

For various spaces

These multi drop plates (canopy) come in two sizes, 265mm D (max 3 pendants) and 442mm D (Max 5 pendants). They are the perfect solution for a small stairwell space or to create a simple cluster of pendants over a dining table.

The plate is made from pressed brass with a cross strap mounting fixture and is suitable for flat or sloped surfaces. As standard they are supplied in a powder coated matte white finish, to blend to your ceiling. They are also available in all of our Metal finishes on request. Cord grips on both options are matched to the metal finish of the pendants.

The plates are designed to work with our standard pendant collection and drop heights are dependant on your floor to ceiling height. They are supplied with Wago connectors and a full installation guide. We have selected a collection of standard multi drop Clusters in our shop with the most popular combinations and finishes, but if you want to design your own mix of pendants then please contact us using the custom quote form below or contact us here.

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* If matching your pendants, please make sure they are available in the metal finish selected.