Rothschild & Bickers Lighting Decorex 2023 Stand Design
Behind the scenes | September 2023

Decorex 2023

We are delighted to be showing at Decorex 2023 and unveiling our latest designs. This year Rothschild & Bickers is all about colour, from warm sunny amber glass to delicate pale pink fringing, ...

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Sample sale save the date Rothschild & Bickers
Behind the scenes | September 2023

Hertford Studio Sample Sale 2023

We are very excited, post pandemic, to finally have our Hertford studio open to the public for a one day sample sale on the 21st October 2023. Expect discounts of up to 50% off our RRP on all sampl...

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Inspiration-Spindle Pendant making-Rothschild & Bickers
Behind the scenes | March 2022

Forming on a lathe - making a Spindle Pendant

The Spindle pendants are one of our most popular designs, a modern twist on Victorian decorative lighting. As the name suggests the design is based on turned wooden spindles, a feature used in near...

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Glass blowing in front of glory hole in Rothschild & Bickers hot workshop
Behind the scenes | November 2021

Spinning out glass - making a vintage light

When we are making larger more open designs such as our Vintage Light, the raw heat of the glory hole and the centrifugal action of the iron spinning blend to form the glass shade. The video below ...

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Glass blowing at Rothschild & Bickers hot workshop making mineral pendant lights
Behind the scenes | October 2021

Marbling glass - making Mineral Pendants

The liquid nature of glass makes it the ideal material to recreate delicate veins and intricate patterns, the properties that make precious stones such as Marble and Malachite so desirable. Layers ...

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Glass blowing in Rothschild & Bickers hot workshop making organic clear glass pendant light
Behind the scenes | May 2021

Organic forms - making a liquid light

Glass is gathered out of the furnace at 1100 c onto a blowing iron. This soft material is then blown and shaped using tools and calipers. Due to the centrifugal motion of the blowing irons the easi...

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Grinding glass shade at Rothschild & Bickers workshop
Behind the scenes | January 2021

Cutting & Grinding with diamond encrusted tools

When a shade is being made in the hot workshop it is connected to the blowing iron by what we call a punty (small pad of hot glass) which acts as a bridge between the glass form and the metal. At t...

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