Rothschild & Bickers Spindle Shade pendant lights hanging either side of a bed, interior by Pfeiffer Design
Residential | August 2023

Whole Home Interior Design - Pfeiffer Design

So you have just purchased your dream home and the initial excitement of renovating and decorating has been replaced by a mild panic and terminal procrastination. Decorating an entire house in one...

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Rothschild & Bickers blown glass pendant lights suspended in stairwell
Residential | April 2023

Entrance Hall Lighting - Lee Austin Design

Lee Austin Design provide bespoke, luxury interior design schemes,focusing primarily on residential projects such as this beautiful entrance hall and staircase. Rothschild & Bickers have been ...

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Rothschild & Bickers, Nouveau Wall Lights in Tea glass - Photography by Simon Bevan
Residential | March 2023

Wall lights - a guide to heights

Wall arm sconces are currently having a design renaissance, no longer seen as old fashioned and outdated, they are now one of the most sought after and popular lighting solutions. From adding a la...

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Bed head and quilt in geometric velvet fabric by Kirby Design with bedside glass pendant lights by Rothschild & Bickers
Residential | November 2022

Future Trends - Texture & Form

These beautiful images showing our Pick-n-Mix Standard Pendants were styled by Kirkby Design for their new collections of textured fabrics, including the new  Teddy plus re-colours of Fibre, Ice a...

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Vintage Light glass shade by Rothschild & Bickers for the Curious Department
Residential | November 2022

Curious objects - how to enliven your interior

Through history the wealthy have always liked to define their personalities through collections of glamorous objects as tangible tokens of their intelligence, wealth, and taste. The classic cabi...

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Tiered Lights, glass shades hanging in stairwell by Rothschild & Bickers
Residential | October 2022

Lighting feature for Modern glam

What exactly is Modern glam? Recalling the lavish interiors of Hollywood’s golden age, it can be quite an eclectic style with a mix of furniture and objects from different periods. It can also be ...

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Pick-n-Mix pendant cluster by Rothschild & Bickers hanging in living room
Residential | September 2022

How to add originality to a space?

Sometimes you walk into a room and just feel a sense of calm confidence, a space where every detail has been carefully chosen to reflect the client's persona and style. This is exactly the feeling...

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Pied a Terre by René Dekker with Rothschild & Bickers Standing Pendant lighting
Residential | August 2022

What makes the PERFECT PIED-À-TERRE?

The literal French translation of 'pied-à-terre' is “foot to the ground". It is a concept that is commonly related to the luxury lifestyle, a second home for affluent individuals who frequently t...

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Hand blown coloured glass Lantern pendant lamps as bedside lighting by Rothschild & Bickers
Residential | June 2022

Statement bedside lighting and feature prints

Great lighting is the main component when creating a space that feels calming, peaceful, and has the relaxing ambiance you want in a bedroom. Clients tend to choose their scheme once all the decor...

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