Standard Pop Light in ruby pink glass by Rothschild & Bickers hanging in the Pink House hallway by Emily Murray
Residential | August 2021

Pink House Living - More than an accent colour

Emily Murray is the style icon behind @pinkhouseliving instagram phenomenon, showcasing her unique take on a traditional Edwardian terrace house. She has renovated her home in candyfloss tones with...

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Glass blowing in Rothschild & Bickers hot workshop making organic clear glass pendant light
Behind the scenes | May 2021

Organic forms - making a liquid light

Glass is gathered out of the furnace at 1100 c onto a blowing iron. This soft material is then blown and shaped using tools and calipers. Due to the centrifugal motion of the blowing irons the easi...

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Pick-n-Mix pendants by Rothschild & Bickers in cluster over dining table and seating area of chalet
Residential | April 2021

Luxury ski chalet, an interior retreat

A sophisticated and luxurious contemporary architectural aesthetic is taking hold on the mountainside retreats of Big Sky, Vermont, the Alps and beyond. Fans of winter sports are on the hunt for a ...

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Standing pendants by Rothschild & Bickers hanging over bar at Motel One Hackescher Markt
Commercial | February 2021

Industrial style - Motel One Hackescher Markt

Industrial style is a trend that never goes out of fashion. It relies on contrasts: elegant and rustic, extravagant and down-to-earth, cool and warm. You can mix different materials such as steel,...

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Grinding glass shade at Rothschild & Bickers workshop
Behind the scenes | January 2021

Cutting & Grinding with diamond encrusted tools

When a shade is being made in the hot workshop it is connected to the blowing iron by what we call a punty (small pad of hot glass) which acts as a bridge between the glass form and the metal. At t...

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Empire pendant lights by Rothschild & Bickers hanging over bar area in the Island Grocer
Commercial | December 2020

Urban warehouse aesthetic - The island grocer

The Island Grocer, designed by Amos & Amos, seamlessly merges retail and restaurant dining. The visual identity is defined by its innovative use of strong and distinctive materials, a nod to t...

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Inspiration-Staggered pendants over kitchen island-Rothschild & Bickers
Kitchens | October 2020

Staggered pendants over kitchen island

This kitchen was created by Pfeiffer Design and uses a Long Multi Drop Ceiling plate to hang a horizontal line of Pick-n-Mix pendants over the island, with one electrical point. The powder coated f...

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Rothschild & Bickers Pop Lights hanging over sofa and fabrics by Prestigious Textiles
Residential | August 2020

Bold and Geometric - Prestigious Textiles

We were delighted to loan some of pendants out recently for a photoshoot with Prestigious Textiles for their new Muse Collection. Their description of the prints is the perfect match with our Pop ...

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Vintage Lights by Rothschild & Bickers hanging over the Bocabar Finzels Reach
Commercial | August 2020

Feature pendants at Bocabar

This creative bar concept at the Bocabar Finzels Reach is by Simple Simon Design and employs our most popular Vintage Light in Steel glass with Satinwood flex and fringe. The opulent style of this ...

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